Haemorrhagic / Anovulatory Follicles

Haemorrhagic anovulatory follicle (HAF) means that a follicle (the structure that carries the oocyte or egg within the ovaries) remains in the ovary for a long period of time and gets filled with blood instead of progressing towards ovulation (releasing the oocyte or egg to be fertilized).

HAF occurs in about 5-25% of mares during oestrus (heat). Because the cause is still not completely understood, the treatment options are very limited and commonly not very successful. Anovulatory follicles do not produce health issues in the mare (she won’t become painful or sick), but they do interrupt the normal reproductive cycle (mares go out of heat) and delay the proper set up for mating or AI.

Roxy, a 7-year-old Warmblood mare, was presented to our Newcastle Equine Rehabilitation and Reproduction Centre (NERRC) in Luskintyre for breeding management (set her up to be bred with chilled semen). After her initial reproductive scan of her uterus and ovaries, she was diagnosed with a

After multiple follow up examinations, Roxy finally resumed her reproductive cycle and was set up and AI with chilled semen and got in foal!! She wouldn’t have been successfully managed without Rachel’s (Roxy’s owner) patience and perseverance on following up our recommendations for a successful outcome J

Dr. Agustin Ruiz, our reproductive specialist at NERRC, provides professional reproductive services and can manage your mare for breeding. He is particularly interested in cases with a history of infertility (not getting in foal) or previous reproductive complications (uterine infections). Dr Agustin loves a challenge! Whatever a mare’s breeding situation, Dr. Agustin will guide you (and her) through the proper management to achieve a successful outcome. Feel free to ring him on (02)49276135 or email at agustin.ruiz@newcastleequine.com.au