Are you worried your horse is colicking? When to call a vet:

  • If your horse hasn’t eaten its breakfast or dinner
  • If your horse is laying down more than usual
  • If your horse is constantly looking at its flank, pawing and possibly rolling
  • If your horse hasn’t passed any manure in a 12 hour period
  • If your horse’s heart rate is above 48 bpm, respiratory rate above 18 bpm, or oral mucous membranes (gums) are dark, pale, tacky, or have a capillary refill time over 2 seconds

While waiting for your vet we recommend you monitor your horse carefully:

  • If your horse is laying quietly you can let them rest, however if they are rolling you can encourage them to stand and keep them walking so they don’t injure themselves. It is important to be very careful around painful animals as they may accidentally hurt you, please keep your own safety in mind.
  • Do not allow your horse to eat anything while waiting for the vet.
  • Do not give any medications without consulting the vet first.

If you’re ever in doubt, our team are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your horse’s health and wellbeing.