Our Surgical team is led by the Director and owner of Newcastle Equine Centre, Dr Paddy Todhunter.  Dr Todhunter is a registered specialist in equine surgery with a vast array of experience both in Australia and America.

The surgical team at Newcastle Equine Centre perform a wide range of surgery at the clinic including:

  • Orthopaedic – arthroscopy, fracture repair, arthrodesis (joint fusion), treatment of OCD and cystic bone lesions, seqestrum (infected bone) removal, periosteal strips and bridges.

  • Abdominal – colic surgery, cryptorchid (rig) castration, cystotomy (bladder stone removal), bladder rupture repair, exploratory laparotomy, hernia repair and removal of infected umbilical structures.

  • Laparoscopic (mostly reproductive) – uteropexy, ovariectomy, oviduct treatments with prostaglandin, cryptorchid (rig) castration, exploratory of abdomen and chest.

  • Soft tissue – treating a wide variety of wounds including skin grafting, tendon and ligament damage, abdominal surgeries, tumour removal and local chemotherapy.

  • Reproductive-rectovaginal laceration repair, urethral extensions, uteropexy, cervical laceration repair, perineal body reconstructions, castrations, ovariectomies.

  • Respiratory- tie backs, epiglottic entrapment surgery, soft palate surgery, arytenoidectomies, and laryngeal and pharyngeal mass removals.

  • Eye- corneal ulcer treatment including conjunctival grafts, tumour removal, eyelid laceration repair.

  • Regenerative therapies including platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment, BMAC (bone marrow aspirate) therapy, IRAP therapy, stem cell treatment.

  • Foal surgeries including periosteal strips and bridging for angular limb deformities,  bladder repair and removal of infected umbilical remnants, hernia repairs, colic surgery.



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