Horse Care Topics

Worm Drug Resistance

What is resistance? Resistance is “the ability of worms in a population to survive treatment with a drug that should be effective against the species and life stage”. This means that the worming product does not kill the worms that it should. Resistance to drugs develops naturally over time in worms but is accelerated and [...]

10 Summer Health Problems for Horses

DEHYDRATIONA consequence of fluid loss, dehydration can affect your horse year-round, but remains more prevalent during Summer when fluid loss from sweating exceeds a horse's intake through drinking.Dehydration is much more than your horse just being thirsty. Dehydration can result in other health problems, such as impaction colic due to the faeces becoming abnormally dry [...]

Semen Freezing and Storage

Preserving your stallion genetics is key and we offer this procedure in our equine reproduction laboratory at Luskintyre.WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? Increased quality control:The use of frozen semen allows pre-screening for infectious diseases and a thorough evaluation of the semen quality after collection and after thawing. This allows owners to be informed about the quality of [...]