Horse Care Topics

Pre-mature Foal

What is a premature foal? A premature foal is a foal that is immature and born before term, generally considered to be if they are born at less than 330 days gestation. However, length of pregnancy varies between mares, so the definition of a premature foal is not based solely on gestational age but also [...]


WHAT IS IT? Placentitis is an inflammation within the placenta, it is responsible for the majority of late term abortions in broodmares. The most common type is ascending placentitis where bacteria enters the sterile uterus from the lower reproductive tract (e.g. mares with poor vaginal conformation). Viral and fungal infections can also cause placentitis. Early [...]

Dehydration Colic

At this time of year in Australia the southern states are freezing through the cold winter months while the northern states are in the middle of the dry season. Whether it is due to freezing cold water and dry forage or because it is hot and dry and the moisture in the grass is low, [...]

Worm Drug Resistance

What is resistance? Resistance is “the ability of worms in a population to survive treatment with a drug that should be effective against the species and life stage”. This means that the worming product does not kill the worms that it should. Resistance to drugs develops naturally over time in worms but is accelerated and [...]