Foaling Advice

Normal foaling:

  • Stage I Labor:  1-6 hrs (mare heating up)
  • Stage II Labor:  15-30 minutes (from time water breaks to foal on ground)
  • Stage III Labor:  Placenta must be passed within 3 hrs of foaling.  Ensure placenta is intact.

After foaling:

  • Foal standing within 1 hr
  • Foal suckling within 2-3 hr (Call vet if foal has not nursed by 5 hours)
  • Meconium (foals first manure) passed by 12 hrs of life

Standard things to do for the foal:

  • Dip umbilicus in 0.5% chlorhexidine solution when cord ruptures and then continue to dip the foal’s umbilicus once-a-day for three days post foaling.
  • Give the foal an enema once standing
  • Check IgG at 24 hrs-call vet if it fails to clot within 3-5 minutes

Standard things to do for the mare

  • Make sure she has passed the placenta
  • Give her 1ml oxytocin by intramuscular injection twice daily for the first 3 days post foaling.