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Worm Drug Resistance

What is resistance? Resistance is “the ability of worms in a population to survive treatment with a drug that should be effective against the species and life stage”. This means that the worming product does not kill the worms that it should. Resistance to drugs develops naturally over time in worms but is accelerated and [...]

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer (ET) refers to the removal of an early embryo (7-8 days old) from the uterus of a valuable donor mare and the transfer of that embryo into the uterus of a recipient mare to complete development, give birth and raise the foal.ADVANTAGES OF EMBRYO TRANSFERMares in competition can donate embryos and remain in [...]

Artificial Insemination in the Mare

    ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION IN THE MARE AT NERRCSemen collection and insemination techniques have been refined to make Artificial Insemination (AI) an excellent reproductive choice providing an advantageous option for many breeders.Some of the advantages of AI are to eliminate transporting a horse for breeding, reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, eliminate breeding accidents [...]


(CLOSED) IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! This year, we will be giving away one Mare Artificial Insemination contract for chilled semen at our reproduction centre at Luskintyre! A value of $375 + GST!! The free contract covers all scanning exams pre- and post-insemination, hormonal therapy, semen insemination and evaluation and one uterine lavage and treatment. Terms and [...]

Semen Freezing and Storage

Preserving your stallion genetics is key and we offer this procedure in our equine reproduction laboratory at Luskintyre.WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? Increased quality control:The use of frozen semen allows pre-screening for infectious diseases and a thorough evaluation of the semen quality after collection and after thawing. This allows owners to be informed about the quality of [...]