Semen Collection and Evaluation

Available for all breeds, this procedure consists in a brief physical examination and external evaluation of the reproductive tract (testicles, scrotum and penis) followed by semen collection in an artificial vagina and a purpose made collection dummy. The semen sample obtained undergoes a thorough evaluation in our fully equipped lab which includes motility, morphology and concentration. If required, further complementary procedures would be pursued (testicular ultrasonography, endoscopic evaluation of the reproductive tract, culture and sensitivity and transrectal examination of the accessory sex glands)


Why we would perform semen collection and evaluation for your stallion?

  • Pre-breeding season evaluation of stallion fertility
  • Insurance purposes and pre-purchase examinations
  • Subfertility – stallions that evidence a significant decrease in fertility
  • As baseline for semen preparation for chilled-transported semen and freezing


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