Tendon Scan Procedure

Items Needed:

Ultrasound Gel
Tendon Probe Stand Off
Methylated Spirits
Tendon Probe

Set Up:

  1. Make sure your Ultrasound Machine is plugged in and charging prior to the appointment
  2. Plug the Tendon Probe into the back of the ultrasound machine
  3. Clear the area the ultrasound is going to be performed
  4. Make sure the stand-off is accessible at the time of the scan
  5. Ensure  a bottle of Metho is on the scanner trolley
  6. Top up the bottle od ultrasound gel and place on the scanner trolley
  7. Check the clippers to make sure they are charged and place them on the scanner trolley.

Clean Up:

  1. Shut the ultrasound down and place back on charge
  2. Clean the probe off gently with some water ans a soft cloth dry and put away.
  3. Clean the clippers off and return to the charger
  4. Top up the ultrasound gel if needed and place back on the trolley.
  5. Clean up any clipped hair, poo or urine left behind.