At NERRC Luskintyre, we are actively searching for recipients (surrogate mares) that are no smaller than 16 hands for embryo transfer (ET). Recipient mares will be carrying on embryos, birthing and raising the foal until they are weaned. We specifically need large recipient mares to carry embryos from bigger breeds to allow the foal to grow as much as they would inside their biological mum.
The minimum requirements are:
• Under 12 years
• Healthy
• Ideally at least one foal before but maiden mares will be considered
• Well behaved and easy to handle (not necessarily need to be trained on getting on crush, but if so, it is a plus)
Mares will be reproductively scanned to confirm if they are successful candidates, either at NERRC or at a property with a crush. Further procedures might be needed based upon reproductive scan findings.
For our surrogate mares, NERRC Luskintyre is their forever home. We will let them live well looked after for the rest of their days in out the paddock ☀️🌱
If you have or know of any mares that are needing a new home and meet these requirements, please contact the team at NERRC Luskintyre on 0417252247 or email
Please share this around the Hunter Valley and beyond! 😊