Operating the Distiller

Set up 20L container under the short hose coming from the Cylinder (make sure the tap on the container is turned off)

Turn on tap at the wall. (only needs to be turn a small amount to get the correct amount of water)

Check the hose outside to ensure you have the correct quantity of water is flowing through. (should be a small trickle bubbling out the end)

Check the heat in the cylinder, make sure it is not hot past the mark (approximately 1/3 down the cylinder).

Set a timer for 4hrs, and then check the water level in your 20l container. (will normally require an extra 15-30mins as the distiller produces approximately 4L per hour).

When your container is full, turn the distiller off at the power point. Turn off the tap at the wall, and then place the lid on your container and store it on the shelf.