Newcastle Equine Rehabilitation and Reproduction Centre at Luskintyre

About The Property

Newcastle Equine Rehabilitation and Reproduction Centre (NERRC) at Luskintyre is a facility specializing in equine rehabilitation and reproduction in association with Newcastle Equine Centre (NEC).

NERRC is located on the Hunter River, we think the 80 acre block is an amazing location for NEC’s expansion.

NERRC Contact Phone Number     –     0417 252 247     –     8am-5pm     –     FOR EMERGENCIES PLEASE CALL NEC – (02)49276135


The reproduction sector at NERRC is led by our Equine Reproduction Specialist, Dr. Agustin Ruiz.

Read More about Dr. Ruiz.

P - Michelle

Michelle is our head nurse at NERRC, managing the property and helping Agustin with his repro work.

New Developments:

Stallion Collection Barn

agustin rectal resize

Rectal palpation
Follicle and ovulation ultrasonography and preparation for live cover.

semen storage unit

Shipping, freezing and storage of semen

IMG_3409 Resized cropped

Stallion Collection Barn


NERRC has the facilities to allow prolonged stage recovery from surgery or injuries under supervision of vets and trained staff. 

All Emergencies and Intensive Medical Cases including colics will need to continue to come to our Broadmeadow location for our veterinary team to treat.


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