** Joint Injection Procedure (add video)

Latex Gloves
Sterile Gloves
Metho Scrub Pot
18g Needles
18g Needles
20g Needles
3ml Syringe
Chlorhex Scrub Pot
Sterile Swabs
Kenacort Vials
Equinate Injection
6 x 21g Needles
5ml Syringe

Items Needed:

1 x Box of Latex Gloves
1 x Clippers
2 x Sterile Gloves
1 x Chlorhex Scrub Pot
1 x Metho Scrub Pot
2 x Sterile Swabs
2 x Elastoplast
1 x Kenacort Vials per joint
1 x Equinate injection per joint (if client ops for it) – not used in hocks!
4 x 18g Needles
4 x 21g Needles
4 x 20g Needles
4 x 5ml Syringe
4 x 3ml Syringe

Set Up:

  1. Make sure the area the patient is in is free from anything they can run into.
  2. Collect all equipment needed and put into silver tray.
  3. Place the tray out into the treatment area.
  4. Have a vet show where the area is to be clipped and scrubbed (if it is being clipped, some clients do not want clip marks).
  5. Prep the area by scrubbing with Chlorhex and wiping off with metho afterwards, doing this until the area is free from dirt.
  6. Leave the last chlorhex scrub on and let the treating vet know you are ready for them.
  7. Wipe all of the chlorhex off once asked by the vet making sure no chlorhex is left on the site.

Clean Up:

  1. Throw all dirty swabs in the bin
  2. Put sharps in sharps container
  3. Clean clippers and return to charger
  4. Place scrub pots in surgery prep to be cleaned and refilled.
  5. Return any unused needles and syringes.
  6. Clean up and clipped hair poo or urine left behind.