COVID-19 and Newcastle Equine Centre

To all of our valued clients we wish to extend our hope that all stay safe and this time of Covid-19 anxiety passes with minimal impact on all of our lives.

To comply with Federal and State mandates, we will endeavor to limit contact between staff and clients if at all possible while still trying to attend to sick horses and serious equine emergencies.

As we posted previously, we will continue see horses on farm but ask that owners assist us in keeping up the social distancing as previously requested.

For appointments at our clinic we ask that clients follow the below protocol:

  • Only one person, or the minimum number of people attend an appointment with the horse when they come to the clinic.

  • When you arrive at the clinic, please park outside the gates and ring the clinic. The vet who will be looking at your horse will then discuss the case with you prior to getting out of your vehicle.

  • Following the call, please unload your horse and a nurse will meet you at your float with a NEC lead rope to bring the horse into the clinic.

  • At this point, you may either wait in your vehicle or follow your horse into the clinic but must wait outside of the building in a designated area while work is being done on your horse.

  • Following the initial examination, the attending vet will either ring you (if waiting in your vehicle) or discuss the case from a distance of 3 M as needed.

We will only be accepting direct deposits, Eftpos or credit cards when possible to minimize contact for the duration of the outbreak .

For supplies, please ring the clinic with what you need and approximate time of pickup. We will be happy to fill your order and run it out to your vehicle outside the clinic or make another delivery arrangement. Just give us a ring when you arrive.

Thank you for all of your understanding and we will strive to give your horse the best possible care while keeping our distance from you.

Stay safe . . . From the team at NEC!